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Our Service
Custom Disease Specific Herbal Menu.
Custom Design Herbal Microarrays 

Our early generation company has been in business since 1984.
We have been working with pharmaceutical companies, clinical diagnostic companies and major academic research groups all over the country for the last 20 years.  We interfaced with these organizations as primary biological material supplier, biotechnology method developer and representative for technology transfer from academic to industry. 
Natural herbal formulations have been used sucessfully for thousands of years in many well developed countries all over the world.  In fact, country like China or countries in South America, they all depend on herbal medicine as their only disease fighting means.  The large amount of literature and folk stories related to herbal medicine are well documented.  Herbal medical formulations are well known.  Working with well established herbal formulation is most likely the sure way to discover effective drugs for diseases. 
Nutraceuticon has its main focus on natural herbal products.  By introducing state of the art technologies, the sucess of drug discovery process is greatly enhanced by working with well established natural herbal products.  We help major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to design and to prepare disease specific herbal microarrays which hosted herbal formulation extracts for target secreening.  We also have off-the-shelf and ready to use herbal formulation microarrays for general target screening. 

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