Herbal Medicine is Natural Medicine
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Herbal supplements are natural and effective ways to maintain to to enhance body functions.

We have prepared different menu of herbal tea bags or single serving porches.  Simply add water, stir and taste.  For customer's convenience in making better choice of personal needs, two servings of herbal tea bags or porches are packed for each formulation.  Customers will have more selections and lower cost with our sample combination package which has several formulations.  This will save time and money before one needs to commit to a 30 or 60 days supply package. 
We believe that our human bodies are the best machinary to combat diseases.  When our body system is functioning normally, we can prevent any long term illness caused by external incoming viruses or bacteria.  Besides, our bodies have backup systems to overcome the disease even though our initial defense line might fail.  Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain and to restore our body function at all time in order to prepare for the unexpected. 
Our herbal supplement formulations are focused on the regeneration, restoration and long term maintenance of body functions.  We started from the individual organ function as the primary target.  When each and all of our major organs are healthy, the whole body will function normally.  We are also supported by our internal medical research team with numbers of Ph.D. and M.D. in natural and medical seciences.  We have full confidence to serve our customers with the highest standard.

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