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More Application
Here we will present another application of Herbal Microarray on drug discovery based on the activity control of Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein, CETP.
Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein :

The activity of CETP has long been related to a number of biological pathways.  It is well documented that these biological pathways control cholesterol HDL/LDL metabolism, longevity, hypertension, coronary atherosclorosis, stroke and obesity.
A number of different approaches have been used to control the CETP activity so as to modify the biological pathways.  Gene deletion or modification can totally eliminate the CETP ativity.  Vaccine application will create antibodies to neutrolize CETP function.  Our approach is to modify CETP activity by using herbal inhibitors. Small organic chemicals are known to inhibit CETP activity.  However, side effects are the problem.  Herbal medicine has the least common side effects.  This is due to the combination of herbal ingredients and components used to develop the herbal formulation. 
In this research, we are using the herbal formulation extracted fractions to control the CETP activity.  Our screening system is based on fluorescence energy transfer system being catalyzed by CETP.   This is an on going project.  Results will be presented when available. 

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