Herbal Medicine is Natural Medicine
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About Us
Nutraceuticon is a company specialized in bringing well established and well proven success of herbal formulation and active ingredients to the pharmaceutical and consumer communities.   We believe that herbal medicine should participate in the main stream of modern medicine.
Our approach is focused in ultizing latest technologies for high speed  and high content screening to identify drug candidates for various biomarker proteins and gene targets.
To directly benefit consumers, we also introduce and provide traditionlly established herbal nutraceuticals and health related natural formulations.
To accomblish our objectives, Nutraceuticon has the following major product divisions.

Herbal Genomics
Herbal Microarrays
Herbal Nutraceuticals

Our Company Policy:
We are not a pharmaceutical company. 
We are a biotechnology research company.
Our objective is to introduce the well established and well proven medical and health benefits of herbal plants and their derivatives into main stream of modern medicine.
We consider traditional medicine functions at molecular level.  Organic or protein and peptide drugs act at the molecular level.  They are extremely effective in relieving disease symtoms.  However, we might miss the actual cause of the disease.  Herbal medicine acts at the macromolecular level.  Herbal active ingredients and components are effective in restoring organ and body functions by interacting with various biomarker proteins and gene targets.
Our Customers:
For many years, we have been working as reserch partners, biological materials supplier and bioassay development with many major pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics companies and academic research groups.   We recognized that our customers are professionals with opened minds.  They like to try new things but need to know details.  Please contact us with comments or feedbacks to improve our customer service.
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